A collection of stories for 2 year olds

The humming washing machine

Horace was a beautiful white and silver automatic washing machine. Although he was very small, he was happy and cheerful. He liked nothing better than opening his mouth – the little glass door in front and swallowing a pile of dirty washing.

As soon as he felt full, he turned himself on and began to hum. He had two favourite tunes – a slow one while he washed, and a jolly quick one when he dried the washing.

Every morning, Horace filled the house with his lovely melodies as he washed and dried.

George, the little boy who lived in the house, was very naughty.  He was always playing with the buttons on Horace’s face, although his mother had told him to leave Horace alone.

One day while his mother was out, George began fiddling with Horace.  He played with all the knobs and switches and found the outlet pipe.  He pulled it into different shapes.   This hurt Horace, but he could only splutter and cough.  George then put some marbles into the pipe.  Poor Horace could not get rid of the water.  He huffed and puffed but he could not spit out the marbles.  Horace coughed once more, stopped humming and was then silent.

Just then, George’s mother came home to find Horace sad and out of order.  She guessed that George must have hurt Horace and was very cross.  Although she tried very hard, she was unable to find out what was wrong. – All she knew was that the happy little machine was silent and that the washing was piling up.

There was only one thing to do.  She must call the plumber.  The next day the plumber arrived and checked Horace.  It took him a long time to discover the problem, but as soon as he had removed the marbles, Horace began to hum.  Everyone was so delighted.  Horace, because he could hum – mother, because the washing could be done and George, because his mother was no longer cross with him.

Barbara Louise Gillman

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