Children’s short stories about weather

Rosy the raindrop

Far above the ground in a cloud, lived a little raindrop.  Her name was Rosy.  Looking at the beautiful countryside below, she wished she could journey there.  As she grew bigger, the scene below, seemed to call her. She so longed to be on the ground, running amongst the flowers, pattering on tree branches, or swimming in a pond.  Rosy had often tried to jump from the cloud, but she was too light and would only float back again. Rosy was getting bigger and heavier and every time she tried, she managed to get further from the cloud.

One day, the sun went behind her cloud and it became very cold.  She decided to try again.  This time she began to float down to earth.  As she did so, she looked up and waved goodbye to her friends and relatives in the clouds.  Down, down, she dropped until she landed with a little thump on a leaf in a tall tree.  Carefully she slid down the branches and trunk of the tree to the ground.

At last she was on the ground.  She looked up but the sky was dark and cold, and she was so pleased to be on the ground amongst the flowers.  Skipping and hopping, she said “hello” to the roses, daffodils, petunias and all the other lovely flowers.  By now, it was quite dark and Rosy was getting cold and tired – so she crept in between the petals of a rose and fell snugly asleep.

The next morning, she awoke to see the sun shining.  How beautiful everything was, the earth and the blue, blue, sky.  Rosy was very happy and made friends with the flowers, trees and even the bees.

But, one day, she looked up and saw the blue sky with white clouds.  A strange feeling filled her – she wanted to return to the sky to see her friends and family again.  This time she felt it would not be so easy.  Jumping down is easier than jumping up.  Try, as she could, she could only manage to rise a few inches off the ground.  The flowers, who loved her dearly and wanted to help, said “Go to the pond, we have heard that all the raindrops, seeking to return to the sky, must gather there.”  Rosy was delighted. She did not think that there were other raindrops who could feel homesick.  She skipped and hopped from flower to flower, giving them each a kiss until she finally reached the pond.  With a joyful leap, she landed in the water amongst a whole jostling crowd of raindrops – all eager to return to the clouds.

A senior raindrop explained to them that it was easier to return than they imagined. All they had to do was to wait for the sun to come out.  They were all mystified but had to wait patiently for a number of weeks before the sun came out in all its splendour.  Visible only to little raindrops, the sun sent tiny little ladders down to the pond in his beams.  Rosy and her friends climbed up until they were reunited with their happy family and friends.  She now knew how easily she could go down to the ground on regular visits.

Barbara Louise Gillman

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