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Rory and the bubble

Rory was a little red-haired boy who, like all little boys, loved playing with his many toys.  He had a very lively imagination and loved painting pictures and building with his blocks.  After finishing something, he would run to his mother and show her his latest work.  She was very proud of his efforts.  In the afternoon after school, he would often lie in a tree and imagine a new building or picture, before starting with his crayons or blocks.

One day, his mother gave him a bubble pipe and a big bowl of soapy water.  He dipped it into the water and began to blow.  The bubbles streamed out of the pipe, pink and blue transparent balls floating upwards until he could no longer see them.  Rory so longed to be a bubble and drift freely in the air.  Then, to his surprise, he heard a voice coming from the pipe.  “Rory, you have such a wonderful imagination – if you close your eyes and blow a big bubble and wish, you never know what might happen.”  Rory closed his eyes and before long, he felt himself surrounded by a blue and pink transparent sphere.  He was in the soap bubble he had just blown.

Rory floated higher and higher until he could see for miles.  In the distance he saw a fair ground and wished he could be there.  Almost immediately he began to drift towards it.  He was soon enjoying all the rides.  Rory went on the Big Wheel, the Dodgem Cars and The Figure Eight.

After a while, he felt tired of the Fair and mentioned this to the bubble.  Again, he wished, but this time, he wanted to go to a farm.  He was soon there – watching cows being milked, sheep being shorn, and fields being ploughed.

It was late by now and Rory was hungry and tired.  He wanted to return home.  His wish was the bubble’s command. Within minutes, the bubble plopped him gently onto the ground, next to his house.

Rory opened both his eyes and looked around.  He was no longer under the tree, but next to the steps of his home.  He looked down at the soapy bowl, now empty.  He had so enjoyed his afternoon’s adventure, that he gave his pipe a big fat kiss and put it away very carefully, ready for the next trip filled with magical adventure.

Barbara Louise Gillman

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