Crocodile story

Clara the crocodile

Clara was a most unusual crocodile.  She looked like most crocodiles, grey with a long tail and scales all the way down her back.  But there was a difference.  She had the most beautiful friendly blue eyes.

Beautiful blue eyes are lovely if you are a person, but not if you are a crocodile.  At first, none of her friends noticed the difference but, as she grew older, the difference became obvious.  The other crocodiles then refused to play with her and she became very lonely.  This was very sad because she loved other creatures and had a very loving, gentle nature.

One day she lay in the sun next to the river all on her own.  She felt so lonely – how was she going to find friends?  All her affection had failed to win over the other crocodiles.  They just looked at her with their cold little eyes, turned on their tails and slipped into the river.  There was only one hope – she must leave the river and seek friends elsewhere.

The next morning early, she packed her crocodile bag, slipped into the river for the last time, and set off.  Clara walked and walked, leaving the river far behind.  The day grew hotter and hotter and Clara now needed some water to drink.  She was so hot and thirsty.  But she could find none.  On and on she walked and by now she was very tired and thirsty and frightened.  The little crocodile did not know what to do but she would not give up.  She climbed a hill, and, in the distance, she saw something glisten in the sun.  It was night time when Clara reached the water.  With a sigh of relief, she slipped in.  In the darkness she had not noticed that this water was the lake in a miniature village.  Early the next morning she was suddenly wakened by the miniature windmill who had noticed her sleeping on the bank of the lake.  “What are you doing here?”, he asked.  “I’m sorry” Clara said.  I needed water so badly, I won’t bite anybody and will do anything to make friends.  The windmill looked at her suspiciously.  He had heard stories about cruel crocodiles. The windmill looked again and saw Clara’s beautiful blue eyes.  This was the most unusual crocodile.  He suddenly felt very sorry for her.  “All right, you can stay, if the other miniature villagers agree.”

The windmill called a meeting of all the villagers – the boats, cars, trains, aeroplanes, and houses.  The meeting went on for a long time.  It was finally decided that Clara would make a very good guard.  If an intruder did not look too closely and missed Clara’s eyes, she would look very frightening.  She was put on a week’s trial as Village Guard.  Clara was overjoyed.  She helped everywhere she could, fixing broken boys and giving them rides on her back as she swam on the lake.  At night she slept in front of the gate of the village and only those who were invited, dared to come in.

After a week, everyone had fallen in love with Clara and her lovely eyes and they all agreed that Clara should stay as caretaker and Guard.

A happy Clara had all the friends she would ever need!!

Barbara Louise Gillman

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