Frog stories for kindergarten

The black spotted frog

Once there lived a large green bullfrog called “Cowboy”.  He had black spots all over his back.  Cowboy was so proud of his spots and kept them shiny and bright.  They always looked very smart against his green skin.  Although he was vain, Cowboy was also very wild.  He ran, skipped and jumped all over the pond, hardly ever stopping to have a rest.  One of his favourite games was jumping up behind other pond animals and giving them a big fright.  Dr Leech – the pond doctor, had told him to relax more and not to be so active but, Cowboy had ignored his advice.  In fact, he became wilder.

One day, however, a friend noticed that Cowboy’s spots were fading.  Sure enough, when he examined his back in the pond mirror, the spots had changed from shining black to light gray.  He ran as fast as he could to Dr Leech and by the time he had arrived, the spots had all disappeared.  Cowboy was most upset and felt quite sick.  The doctor examined him carefully and explained that the spots could only be painted onto his back.  Cowboy was very miserable and sad because he realised that if he had painted spots, they would wash away in the rain and in the water.  He had no choice – he either had to sit quietly away from the water or go spotless.  Whoever heard of a bullfrog without spots!!

The doctor painted big black spots onto Cowboy’s back and for a while, the naughty frog was happy to be in the shade well away from the water.  After a while he began to fret.  All his friends were having such fun – playing games in the pond.

Then one day, many weeks later, he could not resist the temptation – he had to have a swim.  Without worrying about his painted spots, he jumped into the pond and had a glorious swim.  Whilst he was in the water, he suddenly remembered his spots. He jumped out of the pond and raced back as quickly as he could, to see the damage.  Cowboy looked into the mirror and, to his surprise, although the paint had faded away, his own big black spots had grown again.  The doctor had deliberately put washable paint on his back to make him rest and keep him out of the water.

“Hurrah”, he croaked, “I’m normal again, but now I will not be so wild, I will behave better as I do not want to lose my spots again., and one happy frog jumped into the cool pond!

Barbara Louise Gillman

Short children’s poems

Sounds of night

The twilight echoes the sounds of night

calling the birds to rest

Flowers envelop the leaves which

surround the nest

Filled with harbours of warmth

built for bees to sleep

Warming the colours of the blooms that creep …….

into the ivy, holding the

leaves so tightly bound

whilst insects prepare the cocoons for night

Listening to the sound

of wind and rain and thunder and

bats in the dark

Creatures stalking, immersing their

annoyance in the park.

Noises, smells, vapours arising

from the houses alive

Creatures in cars and buses

scurrying to survive………

The call of night.

Barbara Louise Gillman

Children’s short stories about weather

Rosy the raindrop

Far above the ground in a cloud, lived a little raindrop.  Her name was Rosy.  Looking at the beautiful countryside below, she wished she could journey there.  As she grew bigger, the scene below, seemed to call her. She so longed to be on the ground, running amongst the flowers, pattering on tree branches, or swimming in a pond.  Rosy had often tried to jump from the cloud, but she was too light and would only float back again. Rosy was getting bigger and heavier and every time she tried, she managed to get further from the cloud.

One day, the sun went behind her cloud and it became very cold.  She decided to try again.  This time she began to float down to earth.  As she did so, she looked up and waved goodbye to her friends and relatives in the clouds.  Down, down, she dropped until she landed with a little thump on a leaf in a tall tree.  Carefully she slid down the branches and trunk of the tree to the ground.

At last she was on the ground.  She looked up but the sky was dark and cold, and she was so pleased to be on the ground amongst the flowers.  Skipping and hopping, she said “hello” to the roses, daffodils, petunias and all the other lovely flowers.  By now, it was quite dark and Rosy was getting cold and tired – so she crept in between the petals of a rose and fell snugly asleep.

The next morning, she awoke to see the sun shining.  How beautiful everything was, the earth and the blue, blue, sky.  Rosy was very happy and made friends with the flowers, trees and even the bees.

But, one day, she looked up and saw the blue sky with white clouds.  A strange feeling filled her – she wanted to return to the sky to see her friends and family again.  This time she felt it would not be so easy.  Jumping down is easier than jumping up.  Try, as she could, she could only manage to rise a few inches off the ground.  The flowers, who loved her dearly and wanted to help, said “Go to the pond, we have heard that all the raindrops, seeking to return to the sky, must gather there.”  Rosy was delighted. She did not think that there were other raindrops who could feel homesick.  She skipped and hopped from flower to flower, giving them each a kiss until she finally reached the pond.  With a joyful leap, she landed in the water amongst a whole jostling crowd of raindrops – all eager to return to the clouds.

A senior raindrop explained to them that it was easier to return than they imagined. All they had to do was to wait for the sun to come out.  They were all mystified but had to wait patiently for a number of weeks before the sun came out in all its splendour.  Visible only to little raindrops, the sun sent tiny little ladders down to the pond in his beams.  Rosy and her friends climbed up until they were reunited with their happy family and friends.  She now knew how easily she could go down to the ground on regular visits.

Barbara Louise Gillman

Books about bubbles preschool

Rory and the bubble

Rory was a little red-haired boy who, like all little boys, loved playing with his many toys.  He had a very lively imagination and loved painting pictures and building with his blocks.  After finishing something, he would run to his mother and show her his latest work.  She was very proud of his efforts.  In the afternoon after school, he would often lie in a tree and imagine a new building or picture, before starting with his crayons or blocks.

One day, his mother gave him a bubble pipe and a big bowl of soapy water.  He dipped it into the water and began to blow.  The bubbles streamed out of the pipe, pink and blue transparent balls floating upwards until he could no longer see them.  Rory so longed to be a bubble and drift freely in the air.  Then, to his surprise, he heard a voice coming from the pipe.  “Rory, you have such a wonderful imagination – if you close your eyes and blow a big bubble and wish, you never know what might happen.”  Rory closed his eyes and before long, he felt himself surrounded by a blue and pink transparent sphere.  He was in the soap bubble he had just blown.

Rory floated higher and higher until he could see for miles.  In the distance he saw a fair ground and wished he could be there.  Almost immediately he began to drift towards it.  He was soon enjoying all the rides.  Rory went on the Big Wheel, the Dodgem Cars and The Figure Eight.

After a while, he felt tired of the Fair and mentioned this to the bubble.  Again, he wished, but this time, he wanted to go to a farm.  He was soon there – watching cows being milked, sheep being shorn, and fields being ploughed.

It was late by now and Rory was hungry and tired.  He wanted to return home.  His wish was the bubble’s command. Within minutes, the bubble plopped him gently onto the ground, next to his house.

Rory opened both his eyes and looked around.  He was no longer under the tree, but next to the steps of his home.  He looked down at the soapy bowl, now empty.  He had so enjoyed his afternoon’s adventure, that he gave his pipe a big fat kiss and put it away very carefully, ready for the next trip filled with magical adventure.

Barbara Louise Gillman

Interesting stories about insects

Gilbert the cricket

Once, a family of crickets lived in a garden.  Gilbert, who was the father, used to conduct the cricket choir next to the kitchen door every night.  The children of the house, John and Janet, loved to hear the chirping and listened to it whilst eating their supper.  As soon as the chirping stopped, they knew it was bedtime.

One night the children sat down for supper, but they heard no chirping.  Ever since they could remember, they had heard the little creatures singing.  Now, they could not hear anything and they began to worry.  It was too late and dark to go out and see what was wrong with the little choir, so they went to bed.

Early next morning, John and Janet went hunting for their little friends, but although they whistled and shouted, they were unable to find them.

Then they heard a ‘meow ‘from their cat who was in a flowerbed.  They ran to him and the cat pointed with his paw – there, under a bush, lay Gilbert with a broken leg.  His family was very upset because they could not help him.  No wonder the chirping had stopped!

John and Janet put some cotton wool in a little box and placed Gilbert gently inside.  At first, his family were anxious, in case John and Janet hurt their father, but soon realised that the children were going to help him.

That night they put a little bandage on Gilbert’s sore leg and fed him every few hours like a baby.  The next morning, he felt much better and could almost walk.  He stayed for a week in the children’s bedroom until he was quite healthy –  then they took him back to his family.

Later that night, as they were sitting down to supper, they heard the strangest chirping.  It almost sounded like shouting.  They listened very carefully and heard: “Hurrah for John and Janet, our friends, who looked after Gilbert.”

Gilbert then conducted the choir as he always had, and the children went to bed – content with their little friend’s chirps, ringing in their ears.

Barbara Louise Gillman

Short poems about life

Crazy day

Had a deadline at office, did not want to be


Grabbed a cup of coffee and dropped the


of toast and burnt my hand on the


of scalding porridge which was piping


Prepared with love by the kids in the


As I was gulping it down, I saw a white


scurrying around the kitchen between the


and the chairs and table with the cat on the


about to pounce and grab the


of the mouse – when there was a sudden


of the baby who had fallen out of the


Frantically trying to placate all around


I took a deep breath and counted till


Then composed myself with the thought that


would leave all this drama behind and


to better the day with the thought of


Created by the work and could be done….. how


that I should get into such a crazy


of stress and humour and I still arrived


Barbara Louise Gillman

Crocodile story

Clara the crocodile

Clara was a most unusual crocodile.  She looked like most crocodiles, grey with a long tail and scales all the way down her back.  But there was a difference.  She had the most beautiful friendly blue eyes.

Beautiful blue eyes are lovely if you are a person, but not if you are a crocodile.  At first, none of her friends noticed the difference but, as she grew older, the difference became obvious.  The other crocodiles then refused to play with her and she became very lonely.  This was very sad because she loved other creatures and had a very loving, gentle nature.

One day she lay in the sun next to the river all on her own.  She felt so lonely – how was she going to find friends?  All her affection had failed to win over the other crocodiles.  They just looked at her with their cold little eyes, turned on their tails and slipped into the river.  There was only one hope – she must leave the river and seek friends elsewhere.

The next morning early, she packed her crocodile bag, slipped into the river for the last time, and set off.  Clara walked and walked, leaving the river far behind.  The day grew hotter and hotter and Clara now needed some water to drink.  She was so hot and thirsty.  But she could find none.  On and on she walked and by now she was very tired and thirsty and frightened.  The little crocodile did not know what to do but she would not give up.  She climbed a hill, and, in the distance, she saw something glisten in the sun.  It was night time when Clara reached the water.  With a sigh of relief, she slipped in.  In the darkness she had not noticed that this water was the lake in a miniature village.  Early the next morning she was suddenly wakened by the miniature windmill who had noticed her sleeping on the bank of the lake.  “What are you doing here?”, he asked.  “I’m sorry” Clara said.  I needed water so badly, I won’t bite anybody and will do anything to make friends.  The windmill looked at her suspiciously.  He had heard stories about cruel crocodiles. The windmill looked again and saw Clara’s beautiful blue eyes.  This was the most unusual crocodile.  He suddenly felt very sorry for her.  “All right, you can stay, if the other miniature villagers agree.”

The windmill called a meeting of all the villagers – the boats, cars, trains, aeroplanes, and houses.  The meeting went on for a long time.  It was finally decided that Clara would make a very good guard.  If an intruder did not look too closely and missed Clara’s eyes, she would look very frightening.  She was put on a week’s trial as Village Guard.  Clara was overjoyed.  She helped everywhere she could, fixing broken boys and giving them rides on her back as she swam on the lake.  At night she slept in front of the gate of the village and only those who were invited, dared to come in.

After a week, everyone had fallen in love with Clara and her lovely eyes and they all agreed that Clara should stay as caretaker and Guard.

A happy Clara had all the friends she would ever need!!

Barbara Louise Gillman

Honey bee story for kindergarten

Bernice and the bees

Bernice lived in a little house in the country.  She loved to walk on her own, looking at all the wonders of nature.  While she walked, she saw all the living things, the flowers, trees, animals and, especially, bees.

When the weather was bad, she did not play with her toys like any other girls.  She sat and read about bees.  “What wonderful creatures they are”, she thought.  Everybody does something useful and human beings benefit from them because bees make honey.

One day she lay resting on the bed when a little bee flew through the window and buzzed about her head.  The buzzing sounded different to the usual noise that bees make.  Gradually she realised why.  The little bee was talking to her.

“Hello Bernice, the Queen Bee told us how much you love us bees and she has sent me to invite you to our hive.  Then you will be able to see exactly what we do and how we live.”

 “Oh boy”, said Bernice.  “Yes, I would love to come, but I am so big.”  “That’s no problem, if you take this little bit of special honey that I will leave you, you will be able to fit into the hive.” With that, he was gone.

The next day, Bernice told her mother that she was going for a walk and would be back at lunch time.  She then ate the ’special honey’ that the little bee had given her, and before she could count to ten, she had grown a pair of wings and had changed into a little bee, flying towards the hive in the garden.

Her little bee friend was waiting for her.  He took her little wing and, together they flew into the hive.  He immediately took her to the Queen who was in the middle.  The Queen was a big fat lady surrounded by her husband who was called a Drone.  She welcomed Bernice warmly.  Bernice’s little friend was ordered to show her around the hive.  Bernice spent the rest of the morning seeing how a hive works.  The worker bees kept the hive cool, looked after the baby bees and continuously flew out of the hive to fetch nectar from flowers.  The nectar was then made into honey to feed the babies.  The whole hive was protected by soldier bees.  Bernice was fascinated by all this activity and felt she would love to spend more time in the hive.  Then the Queen said she must return to her own home, as the bees had a lot of work to do, and she did not want her mother to worry about her.  She gave Bernice some special honey to take to her mother and a tiny packet that she was instructed to eat just after leaving the hive.  Bernice thanked the Queen and the Drone escorted her out of the hive.  Bernice flew out of the hive and then ate the special honey.  Within seconds, she was a little girl again and in the garden of her own home.  

She then ran into the lounge and shouted out “Hi mom, I’m back and I’ve got a surprise for you – fresh honey from a honeycomb, so let’s enjoy it.  It was made with love from the Queen Bee.”

Barbara Louise Gillman

Funny ice cream stories

Arnold the ice cream lover

Arnold was a little boy who loved, just loved ice-cream.  He never seemed to be able to have enough.  Every day, straight after lunch, his mother gave him a big bowl with a large dollop of ice-cream.

Soon he would turn five and his mother decided to give him a birthday party.  The party was to take place in a few days.  His mother bought all kinds of goodies and invited all Arnold’s friends.

He could hardly wait.  At last, the big day came and his friends arrived, bringing him lovely toys.

The table was laid with cakes, sweets, nuts, and jellies and, of course, a large rainbow ice-cream birthday cake.  On top of the cake were five candles and Arnold’s name printed in beautiful letters.  He could not believe his luck. 

The children played and ate.  Arnold did not play – he sat in a corner eating his ice-cream.  In fact – he had far too much.

At last it was time for him to blow out the candles.  He took a deep breath, blew, and out they went.

He closed his eyes and wished.  Suddenly Arnold felt he was far away, far from his party in the land of Ice-Cream”.  He was surrounded by a row of bowing ice-cream cones and they said – Arnold, because you love ice-cream so much and it is your birthday, we declare you “King of Ice-cream Land”.  The King of Ice-Cream Land is given a never-ending ice-cream cone that changes flavour with each lick.

Arnold was delighted and eagerly started licking his cone. However, a strange thing happened. He was enjoying the ice-cream so much that he did not notice the ice-cream becoming bigger and bigger.

After a long time, he felt that he had eaten enough and stopped licking, but the cone grew and grew.  He licked and licked, but the more he licked, the faster the flavours changed and the bigger it got.  By now he was feeling quite queasy and wished he could escape from this “monstrous “cone.

Arnold felt a hand on his shoulder.  “Arnold, wake up, you cannot just stand there day-dreaming …………. –  you must cut the cake.”

“Oh Mother”- said Arnold – Ï do not think I could ever eat ice-cream again.

Barbara Louise Gillman